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How Your Sleeping Position Tells A Lot About Your Relationship

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While you’re soundly sleeping, your subconscious takes over and commands your body. But the sleeping position you prefer gives away just how you feel about your bed mate and yourself.

Your body language comes from the part of the brain called the limbic brain versus the cognitive brain, which allows you to think things through. Essentially, body language reveals our true feelings about others. In fact, when you’re asleep, you’re at your most honest and vulnerable. Patti Wood, a body language expert and author of Success Signals, A Guide to Reading Body Language, along with other sleep experts and psychologists, have conducted studies and revealed the 10 most popular sleeping positions between bedmates and just what meaning your sleeping position has. The illustrations accompanying this article were created by Maya Borenstein.

The Spoon


This position is when one bed mate curves his or her body around the backside of the other person and they’re virtually touching from top to bottom. Wood said that this position is most common among couples in the first few years of a relationship or marriage, indicating trust and an intimate level of comfortableness. More specifically, Wood said if a man is wrapped around a woman, it’s indicative of him being solid in his position as the protector. If the female is curled around her partner, it shows she can depend upon him.

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