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8 Things You Can Do To Reduce Relationship Stress

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Relationships can be really, really anxiety-provoking. So, naturally, I spoke  experts about things you can do to reduce relationship stress, because there’s no need to fret about the partnership that should be bringing you joy and nice, warm feelings of support and love. Unfortunately, just because your relationship should bring you such feelings doesn’t mean that it will, and it’s quite common to feel stressed out, worried, anxious, or otherwise off-balance when spending time with your partner. Or when thinking about your partner. Or when obsessing about your partner. Or, you know, when you just don’t know what’s going to ultimately happen with your partner so you project and what-if and wonder, instead of just relaxing into the moment.

1. Listen

“As always, communication is preferred; while it seems juvenile, many couples experience unnecessary stress due to a lack of communication,”. “Communicating with your mate can simply mean to just listen. Be attentive, by demonstrating that you have heard what they’ve said by doing something to signal to them that you have heard them. If something is bothering them, do something to correct that irritation in their lives.” Just by sitting with your partner and opening your ears, you’re demonstrating the willingness to hear what they need to say.

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