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2 years ago

8 Signs You’re With Man Who Actually Respects You

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“My man respects my decision. This is the reason we are still great buddies before being husband and wife!”. You must have been thinking that how come on earth it can be true?? Well, yes it can be true, infact it is true, there are men like him who understands the word respect and never considers it just another word in the DICTIONARY. And thus comes the question that, are you, with a man who respects you??

#Does he treats you more like a doormat or like his responsibility
Well, a doormat is used for dusting the dirt off from your shoes, and if your man treats you like a just another option where he uses you to satisfy or dust off his desires, I believe you are not at all in a respectful relationship with your man. It is time to wake up and take your stand!

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