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5 signs he’s faking his affections to get into your pants

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There are all sorts of reasons why singles throng the dating scene. Some may be merely looking for a companion to pursue shared interests while others may be in search for a life partner. Again for some dating may be a merely roundabout way of getting sex. If the last does not figure among your relationship priorities, here are five signs to watch out for that will tell you a guy is faking his affections, simply to get you in bed.

1.He uses cheesy pick up lines
A guy who is merely interested in sex is not likely to agonize over the right way to introduce himself to you. He will repeat the well worn-out lines from some tacky website or magazine and just about manage to sit through the routine of a dinner-and-movie until he knows he can get you in bed. If you are looking for a guy who in turn is looking for more than a sexual partner, find someone who takes pains to open a conversation and keep it going even when you make it clear that you turn in early tonight.

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