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2 years ago

11 Steps to Get Someone to Stop Texting You

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A Step-By-Step Guide To Get Someone To Stop Texting You

There’s nothing more annoying and disturbing than someone who relentlessly texts you. From nonsensical SMS gibberish, spams, and threatening text messages, it all adds up to some serious anxiety. Unlike calls where you hang up or easily tell the person to stop calling, you can’t screen the text messages you receive.

You, therefore, become a slave to your text notifications. Unlike calls, you can’t just hang-up on your annoying texter. But there are some things you can do to get them to stop texting you—FINALLY.

#1 Be honest.
Let the person know their constant texting makes you feel uncomfortable or distracted. Tell them if they want to say something, you prefer them call you or even talk to you in person. Don’t confuse your honesty with rudeness, and don’t let them think the same thing too.

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