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2 years ago

10 Signs You’re Wasting Your Time On a Loser

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8. They’re a flake. With every excuse in the book 

When you start writing down all of the excuses they’ve thrown at you for missing a date, changing their mind about going out with your friends or whatever else they flake on you for … you realize you have a book … all of their excusesAnd you realize they’re a dud.

9. They’re a baby. An inflexible, whiny baby.

Babies can’t understand that if they’re not fed right away, it’s okay. The food will come soon. They don’t understand that if they’re tired and uncomfortable and want to lay down and go to sleep but can’t, it’s a shame. They’ll have to wait. Because of this, they get really upset and whine and cry. So do lame adults occasionally. It’s ok in babies … not in adults.

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