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2 years ago

10 Signs You’re Wasting Your Time On a Loser

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 3. They do drugs.

Everyone has their vices. If they smoke or drink a bit, okay sure. But if they’re smoking, drinking or using weed constantly (especially when they have no money for other things), come on.

And other stuff like hard drugs? Hard no. Swiping prescription meds from you or a friend’s medicine cabinet? Bad stuff.

 4. Blame it on their parents maybe, but they missed learning about manners.

It’s a bad sign when you choose to sit with your partner on the same side of the table because you can’t bear to watch them eat.

5. You’ve been forgotten by them … more than once.

One time because they just got word that their aunt was in a car accident? Of course. Understandable.Three times all because “there was this really good movie on”? Nu uh.

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