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2 years ago

10 Clear Signs That Your Guy Is Really Mad At You But He Won’t Say It

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When women are angry, even if they want to hide their emotions, there is no way on earth that they can stop their anger or discontent from coming clearly on their face or through their gestures. Men on the other hand, are less expressive, wether it is to do with their happiness, anger or their grief and so, they can be really tough to judge.

So, how do you come to know if your boyfriend or husband is really mad at you but won’t let you know? Well, here are some signs and changes that you will notice in his attitude and mannerisms that indicate how pissed he really is.

#1. When he ignores what you say and pretends to be busy with his TV

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Yes, like always, even when he is really engrossed in his match but still looks at you with a smile on his face, this time too, he can hear every word you say but he just isn’t responding because he doesn’t wish to speak to you!

#2. When he says ‘’I don’t wish to speak about it!’’

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Because he is already pissed or upset about something and doesn’t want to worsen things by speaking about it anymore!

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